What is Victoria Milan?

Victoria Milan is a first-class address for sophisticated flings. Since its foundation by the Norwegian Vidal in 2010, about 6 million members have registered worldwide. Of these, 10,000 members come from Ireland alone! The motto is:

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The No. 1 for extramarital affairs

In the Scandinavian countries, Victoria Milan is the market leader among the escapade portals with over one million members. And also internationally, Victoria Milan is known in 33 countries for cultivated flings and secret affairs.

Who are the Victoria Milan members?

The very nobly designed fling site is aimed at all those who are in the mood for a sophisticated fling: ladies and gentlemen who are married or in a relationship. And to single women and men who are looking for a non-binding and, above all, uncomplicated affair. For these dedicated singles, a liaison with a committed person is the guarantee that the affair will also remain non-committal.

What Victoria Milan does better then the competition

Victoria Milan places the highest value on anonymity and discretion. For this, the makers have come up with quite a few things.

The payment process is designed in such a way that only absolutely inconspicuous details appear on your bank statements and nothing points to a fling site.

If, during your online fling search, you are surprised on the screen by someone who shouldn't see where you are looking - don't panic! Press the red panic button at the bottom richt and you will land on an innocuous website.

Is Victoria Milan reputable? Fake profils or real singles?

Victoria Milan has enough members and does not need fakes to fill its file..

But are Victoria Milan members also protected from other fakes?

Like most other dating sites, Victoria Milan uses various security mechanisms to guarantee your safety and discretion.

Victoria Milan members can report suspicious profiles to customer service at any time. There, an investigation will be opened immediately and further steps will be taken.

Our anti-fake-tip: Photos that are too professional often suggest professional intentions. If you are then presented with a link to another website, it is best to ignore it!

Victoria Milan is a popular website for married and engaged couples. Anonymity is guaranteed, of course!

How Victoria Milan.ie works

The registration with Victoria Milan

There are only a few questions to answer when registering:

  • Who are you and what are you looking for? E. g. Married woman looking for a man or Single man looking for a woman, etc. 
  • What are you looking for? 1. something short term. 2. something long term. 3. whatever excites me. 4. curious and look around
  • What turns you on? You can choose 3 out of 18 options. Choices include: Experiment and Games, Intelligence, Humour, Brawn, Unpredictability, Schoolgirl
  • What is your appearance? Enter height, weight, figure, hair, eyes and look
  • Where do you live? City and country
  • Then enter your e-mail address and assign a password. Click on the link you will receive by e-mail and you are already registered. Please also enter a pseudonym that does not imply your real name.

    The Victoria Milan principle

    Similar to some dating agencies, Victoria Milan works according to the matching principle. Based on the data you enter, the Victoria Milan algorithm sends you suitable contact suggestions. In this way, you get exactly the contacts you want.

    Therefore, it is absolutely recommended that you invest some time to complete your dating profile.

    You can enter much more information in your profile in the sections Appearance, Background and Lifestyle, Personality, Seeking. About you and What are you looking for. The more information you disclose, the better date suggestions you will receive.

    In the two sections "About you" and "What are you looking for?" you have the opportunity to formulate small texts yourself.

    Stay anonymous

    Victoria Milan members appreciate the discreet atmosphere of this platform. They have the opportunity to search for flings completely anonymously and discreetly. Personal data is not disclosed and photos can also be blurred first.

    So it can't happen that you come across a familiar face while browsing or - even worse - are found yourself.

    If you don't want to show your face (yet), you can use Victoria Milan's Anonymizer.

    Advantages & Disadvantages

    • now represented in 33 countries
    • absolutely discreet placement
    • high level
    • anonymity is guaranteed
    • free app
    • no matter which country you are in, you can search for quick dates
    • No free search for members
    • The number of members in Ireland is still expandable

    Who is Victoria Milan suitable for?

    In any case, Victoria Milan is suitable for you if you are looking for non-committal flings or adventures. Since people who are in a relationship are also looking for erotic partners, discretion and anonymity are a must. You can absolutely rely on this with Victoria Milan. 

    Good for your purpose? Good for your age group?
    Life partner
    Flirt & Date
    Intimate encounters
    18-25 years
    25-50 years
    Over 50 years

    Victoria Milan is the right place for you if you

  • are under 65.
  • are looking for a fling.
  • behave in a sophisticated manner.
  • have no problem with committed sex partners being suggested to you.
  • Victoria Milan is rather unsuitable for you if you

  • don't place much value on sophisticated contact.
  • are a hardcore fetishist or swinger.
  • are looking for a partner for life.

  • Victoria Milan Experiences & Rating

    Sufficient members?
    Profile quality:
    Flirt-Action: 3-5
    Arrange real dates:
    Customer support:

    Victoria Milan in Practice

    Your Victoria Milan profile

    Your Victoria Milan profile could look like this:

    inside Victoria Milan reviewVictoria Milan

    Your Victoria Milan profile picture

    We highly recommend uploading multiple photos to Victoria Milan. We also advise you to:

  • Keep smiling. A smile looks friendly.
  • VDon't forget the background! A neutral background doesn't reveal as much of your surroundings.
  • Avoid revealing photos, it's too early for that.
  • Victoria Milan Photo

    We think it's good that you can decide for yourself whether you want to anonymise your picture first (with a bar or mask) or set it so that you are recognisable on it.

    Our advice: In casual dating, nothing works without a picture. Do what half of all users do and upload pictures!

    How to get in touch

    If you want to get active yourself, then go to "Search". There you will find a lot of contact suggestions based on the criteria you have entered.

    Victoria Milan Search

    If a promising contact proposal catches your eye, you should not hesitate, but go straight to action.

    One tip beforehand: Please don't think too much about it.

    If you are really shy, use the following options that require only one click from you:

  • Like profile with the "heart" symbol
  • Go directly to the chat by clicking on the speech bubble 
  • Add to my favourites
  • If you are a little braver

  • just write a message
  • Victoria Milan Messages

    Our advice to the dear men: Women like to be conquered. If they feel like they are one among many and they get the eternally same standard message, interest ebbs away. Take heart and formulate your messages yourself. Every lady is happy to receive an individual message.

    The Victoria Milan App for mobile flirting on the go

    Download the Victoria Milan app for free from the Apple App Store or iTunes for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android.

    This way you are independent and don't miss any activities on your dating profile even when you are on the go. 

    The app is very well designed and you can use all the features on your smartphone, for example:

    • new
    • online
    • favourites
    • messages

    Push messages notify you of new visitors and messages. If you find this too much or even unpleasant, you can turn it off in the settings.

    Our advice: Make sure you take out premium memberships on your desktop. The prices there are often cheaper than in the app.

    Our advice: Be aware that someone could see the Victoria Milan app or push messages on your smartphone. If that could get you into trouble, use the mobile website instead.

    The Victoria Milan mobile website

    As an alternative to the app, the Victoria Milan mobile website can easily be used on the go. In our eyes, it is just as effective as the app.

    You can see all current contact suggestions at a glance and can use all other functions without restriction.

    A clear advantage over the app is in terms of discretion. There are no push messages that could put you in need of explanation.

    Conclusion: The Victoria Milan website works optimally on mobile devices.

    Cool additional functions at Victoria Milan

    We particularly like theses functions:

    • Panic Button: A small red panic button in the bottom right corner of the desktop is their escape button, in case someone doesn't see you're on Victoria Milan.
    • Victoria Milan Panic Button
    • Anonymizer: Put a mask on your photo or hide your eyes behind a black bar.
    • Travel & Find - Members everywhere: At Victoria Milan you can discreetly date users from anywhere (and all nationalities) - not just in your area.

    Victoria Milan Experiences

    Victoria Milan is a nice fling site that is quite interesting in terms of price.  

    Experience pro Victoria Milan 

    • Most members are satisfied with the Victoria Milan site.
    • Many users appreciate the fact that it is easy to register with Victoria Milan and that the site is easy to use.
    • The provider can guarantee the highest level of discretion and anonymity.
    • Victoria Milan members think it's great that you can always get new date suggestions by changing your search criteria. 

    Experiences con Victoria Milan 

    • Unfortunately, fakes still turn up from time to time, which the customer service hasn't noticed.
    • The number of members could be a bit higher in Ireland.

    What’s Free at Victoria Milan?

    • Create a profile
    • Personality test
    • Search on your own (limited)
    • Receive suggestions
    • View photos (limited)
    • Send a “hello”
    • Send mails
    • Read mails

    Victoria Milan Costs & Prices 2024

    The following prices are available at Victoria Milan:

    DurationCost per monthIn total
    1 month
    23.11€ 23.11
    3 months
    16.39€ 49.17
    6 months
    12.18€ 73.08
    12 months
    7.98€ 95.76
    Victoria Milan Price

    Please note:
    Not all Victoria Milan Premium members have to pay. Married women date for free!

    Victoria Milan Alternatives

    Victoria Milan Test Result

    Victoria Milan Ie was able to satisfy both testers and members in our test. The site is nobly designed and promises a certain level. The price is also extremely attractive.   

    Victoria Milan Facts and figures 2024
    Active members10,000
    Male to female ratio53 : 47
    Average age36
    Membership levelquite high
    Intentioncasual dating
    Chances for successgood
    Starting priceEUR 7.98
    AddressDigisec Media Ltd., Reg. Num. C56612, 33-34 Level 3, Regent Holuse, Bisazza Street, Sliema, Malta SLM1640 Malta

    Discretion and anonymity have a high priority at the escapade provider Victoria Milan.

    Victoria Milan definitely passed our test. Our tip: If you are tied down and looking for a fling, then just visit Victoria Milan Ireland!  

    FAQ Victoria Milan Ireland

    Do you still have an unanswered question about Victoria Milan?

    Here are our questions and answers about Victoria Milan.com:

    What payment options are available at Victoria Milan?

    Victoria Milan accepts credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or paysafecard.
    You can also pay via mobile devices using Google Play or iTunes.

    How can I cancel Victoria Milan?

    You can cancel your Victoria Milan membership online.

    Can I revoke Victoria Milan?

    You can revoke your contract up to 14 days after conclusion without giving any reason. All you need to do is send a short text message by letter or e-mail.

    How can I delete my profile on Victoria Milan?

    In your profile, go to "Account settings" > "Deactivate profile" > "Edit" and select whether you want to pause or permanently delete your account. To pause, click on "Disable account", to permanently delete click on "Delete account".

    How can I switch off e-mail notifications?

    In your profile, go to "Account settings" > "Notifications" > "Edit" and select which notifications you would like to receive and which not.

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