Dating on the internet is quite easy these days

Online dating sites have existed since 1996. For more than 20 years, great programmers have been working on making the search for a partner easier in their dating portals:

  • uncomplicated access
  • to a great profile in just a few steps
  • find suitable singles quickly
  • Help communicating with other singles

Getting started will be easy. Whether you’re young or old, on a smart phone or a PC.

And you have full control over what you reveal about yourself to other singles and when. At least on our test winner dating sites…

How should I behave?

Recall your first steps into nightlife:

  • What do I wear?
  • Which bar should I go to?
  • At what time?
  • How do I flirt?
  • ...

One person caught on immediately, the other needed a little practice. And some never really understood….

It is also similar when looking for a partner on the internet. So that you are not one of the losers, we have written a practical, advisory article above, covering the various phases (creating a profile – online flirting – arranging dates) to help you along the first steps.

Good luck!

Petra Frömsdorf
Petra Frömsdorf
Petra Frömsdorf has been monitoring the world of online dating sites since 2011. In the media she is considered the leading expert on the topic of "online dating".