What is Singles50.ie?

Singles50 was launched by the creators of be2. The result is a dating platform for the over-50 generation that values style, class and sophistication. What be2 is for online daters up to 40, Singles50 is for singles over 50 looking for a partner.

Special moments together for 50+

Singles50.ie is also gaining momentum in Ireland and can now score with over 24,000 weekly active members. 

The Singles50 success in numbers

Singles50.ie is a thoroughly up-and-coming dating site for people over 50. These figures speak for themselves:

  • 44% of Singles50 members have dates.
  • 22% of members fall in love.

The Singles50 principle

The aim of the creators of Singles50.ie is to bring together the target group of singles over 50 looking for a partner on their own portal. The 50+ generation is "among themselves" here, so to speak.

In contrast to younger people, all of whom are so-called digital natives (people who have grown up with computers and the Internet and intuitively know how to use them), some single women and single men over 50 do not yet feel so confident on the online dating scene. Often, the way of communication with many abbreviations and emojis is still foreign to them.

That's why these singles feel particularly comfortable on Singles50.ie. They are among themselves in terms of age and education level. 

The Singles50 platform is a classic dating agency that works as follows:

The Singles50 matching in four steps: 

  • You complete the scientifically based personality test. This takes about 15 minutes. Since you can only correct a few details afterwards, we recommend that you plan some time and rest for this. Afterwards, you can take your time to complete your profile.
  • The actual matching is done by the algorithm. It uses the information provided by the individual singles to calculate who might be a good match for each other.
  • Now the system suggests the best matching candidates to you.
  • Now it's your turn and you have to filter out the ones that appeal to you the most from the contact suggestions.
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Is Singles50 serious and safe? Fake profiles or real singles?

The operators of the dating platform Singles50 place increased importance on ensuring that their members can date safely and anonymously. That is why they have taken some security measures. Although they have enough data available for the personality test, they still offer their members the greatest possible degree of anonymity.

Fake profiles also hardly stand a chance here. Because: 

  • AI (artificial intelligence) and highly efficient filters sort out unwanted profiles and messages.
  • Only paying members can communicate fully, which keeps many scammers away.
  • Suspicious profiles can and should be reported by Singles50 members.
Singles50.ie is a new competitor for EliteSingles in Ireland. It´s growing fast and it´s service is great.
Petra Frömsdorf
Petra Frömsdorf
Expert since 2011

How Singles50.ie.ie works

The registration at Singles50

Registering with Singles50.ie is very easy. On the homepage, you enter your gender and that of your potential partner. A chat window opens and your virtual assistant Susan welcomes you and wants to help you create a profile for your partner search.

This means you are already at the beginning of the personality test. Once you have gone through all the questions, you enter your email address and a password. You will immediately receive an email and confirm your registration there.

The Singles50 login for members

If you already have an account, you can log in directly to the website by using the login button at the top right and entering the password you have created.

Five steps to your dream partner at Singles50:

  • You complete a personality test lasting about 15 minutes.
  • You give an assessment of yourself.
  • You create a convincing Singles50 profile.
  • You can make contact or be contacted.
  • You receive new proposals every day.

The Singles50 personality test

In the Singles50.ie test, you will be asked questions in the chat about yourself but also about your dream partner.

Here is a selection of questions that the personal assistant Susan will confront you with:

  • What ist your first name?
  • When is your birthday?
  • Where does your partner live ideally? (City or postal code)
  • Is it easy for you to choose a new partner? (2 answers to choose from)
  • What interests you the most when getting to know someone new? (2 answers to choose from)
  • Which traits are most important to you in a partner? (15 answers to choose from)
  • How old should your partner be? (from...to)
  • How tall should your partner be? (from...to)
  • Which figure should your partner have? (4 answers to choose from)
  • Which lifestyle should your partner have? Education (6 answers to choose from), smoking habits (4 answers to choose from), drinking habits (4 answers to choose from)
  • Are you open with your feelings? (3 answers to choose from)
  • Do you seek advice from your friends and family when choosing a partner? (2 answers to choose from)
  • Which traits would you say you have? Try to be honest. (16 answers to choose from)
  • I would like to learn more about your lifestyle and your appearance. Hair (6 answers to choose from), eyes (5 answers to choose from), height, body type (3 answers to choose from), smoking habits (4 answers to choose from), drinking habits (4 answers to choose from), children (3 answers to choose from)
  • Tell me about your backgroundEducation (6 answers to choose from), yearly income (6 answers to choose from), My job is: 
  • You should take your time for the Singles50.ie personality test and answer the questions carefully. Questions about your characteristics and the desired characteristics of your dream partner can not be corrected later.

    Contrary to other statements, however, we have found: You can also edit some of the information in your profile. If, for example, you change your profession or your figure has changed, no problem! You can adjust these details at any time.

    The Singles50 matching - the formula for love

    The Singles50 matching algorithm takes into account all the information you provided in the personality test and all the information in your profile. You can find out how well you match with other Singles50 singles by going to their profile..

    There is a "Profile" tab and a "Matching" tab. Under Profile you can see how many similarities you and the Singles50 member you clicked on have. The "Matching" tab tells you everything about your match.

    Under "more details about your compatibility" you can see exactly how close you are on the points of reason, tradition, distance, and observation. This compatibility is expressed in a point value. In our experience, a very good score is between 120 and 140 points.

    Singles50 Matching

    Advantages & Disadvantages

    • the most popular Irish dating siet for the 50+ generation
    • very good success rate
    • an excellent personality test promises suitable contact suggestions
    • sophisticated audience that knows what it wants
    • discreet & anonymous
    • contact guarantee for premium members
    • getting to know each other is also possible via video chat
    • people under 40 are not allowed to register 
    • you won't find many non-binding flirts here
    • nothing for lovers of "picture galleries" to click through
    • the design of the profile takes quite a lot of time

    Who is Singles50.ie suitable for?

    Singles50 is the new star in the online dating sky for singles 50 plus. The target group is of course single women and single men over 50, but many singles 40+ also feel more comfortable in the Singles50 community than on a dating platform that caters to all age groups. We have compiled some helpful info about the members here. 

    What are Singles50.ie singles looking for?

    Singles50 is clearly aimed at singles over 50 who are serious about finding a life partner. Those who are only looking for discreet dates are not necessarily at the right address here.

    This means that the singles you meet at Singles50 are pre-sorted, so to speak - there are very few singles with dubious intentions.

    Good for your purpose? Good for your age group?
    Life partner
    Flirt & Date
    Intimate encounters
    18-25 years
    25-50 years
    Over 50 years

    Age structure of the members

    The Singles50 average age for women is 54, for men 61. 

    As with all Irish dating sites, there is a slight surplus of women here. 

    Educational level of members

    Compared to most other over-50 dating sites, the educational level of Singles50 members is significantly higher. The members attach great importance to high-level conversations and a certain level of education. This is clearly communicated on the site. You will find a homogeneous member structure in terms of education.

    Singles50.ie Experiences & Rating

    Sufficient members?
    Profile quality:
    Arrange real dates:
    Customer support:

    Singles50.ie in Practice

    Let's assume you have already registered with Singles50. Then you will find the following on your screen:

    inside Singles50.ie reviewSingles50.ie

    Your Singles50 profile

    Singles50 offers its members a lot of possibilities for individualising their profiles.

    Apart from general information, you can provide answers to questions on a wide variety of topics such as leisure time, hobbies, cinema, music, personal goals, etc.

    We have found that A well-filled profile greatly increases the chances of a successful contact. All the information you provide in your profile and all the information from your personality test have an influence on the so-called matching. This means how well you match another person and vice versa.

    This matching is expressed in points. A high matching score means that you and the other Singles50 single could harmonize very well.

    Members who visit your profile have the choice between two tabs, "Matching" and "Profile". Under "Profile" you will find all the information that the member entered in the personality test. Things get interesting in "Matching". Here you can find matches between the profile information and the personality test. A high score promises a high degree of partnership potential.

    Private remains private:

  • Singles50 members without their own photos will only see your profile picture blurred. 
  • Your last name and contact details are not visible.
  • Sensitive data that you have entered in the personality test are included in the matching, but otherwise remain strictly private.
  • Put at least one photo online at Singles50!
    The other singles can only see the picture if they are also Premium Members and you put a tick under your profile photo (All women/men can see my profile photo). Only 3% of Singles50 members respond to profiles without a picture. With a photo, your chances of receiving responses increase enormously; according to the operator, you will receive up to ten times more personal messages.

    Singles50 Photo

    Invest time and effort in your Singles50 profile!
    A great and complete profile is the basis for more and above all better contacts.

    How to make contact

    The Singles50 dating site attaches great importance to making it as easy as possible for you to make contact on the platform. You will receive contact suggestions which, after evaluation of the personality tests, have great potential in terms of relationships. 

    If you would like to get in touch with one of the suggested Singles50 members, the following features are available to you:

  • send a hello
  • you can answer three icebreaker questions 
  • you can like the profile of the suggested members
  • you write directly to the member yourself
  • Singles50 Contact

    Unfortunately, contacting as a basic member is very limited. For example, it is not possible to write to members directly. If you want to get in touch with the contact suggestions in the long term, a Singles50 membership is indispensable. 

    The Singles50 video call

    ... is the modern way of getting to know each other. Singles50 members like to use the video date option. This way you can find out if the chemistry is right before the first real date.

    Good to know: With Singles50 Video Date you do not have to reveal your phone number. The Video call button is directly available on your profile. After activating the camera and microphone, you can experience a virtual date with your contact if he or she is online at the same time.

    Our advice:
    Why not arrange a relaxed video date before you venture out on a real date?.

    The Singles50 App for mobile flirting on the go

    Those who prefer to go mobile in their search for a partner can use the Singles50 app. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or iTunes for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android. 

    This way you are independent and do not miss any activities on your dating profile even when you are on the move. 

    On your smartphone you can call up and operate all the functions that are available to you on the website.

    Our advice:
    Please compare the prices for memberships presented to you on the website with those in the app. We have noticed a steep price difference many times.

    Additional functions with Singles50

    We liked these functions particularly: 

    • Is it love at first like? Every day, three profiles à la Tinder are sent to you. You either like it or you don't.
    • Singles50 Love at first like
    • The first step: Right when you register, you select a question that is automatically sent to your contact suggestions. You are sure to get some answers to it!

    Singles50 Experiences

    Singles50 is a great dating site for singles over 50, as most of the members agree. The singles over 50 are happy that they have their "own dating room" there and do not have to compete with much younger people. 

    Of course, singles50.ie also works with the latest technology. The overall concept is state-of-the-art.

    It is nice that the platform can be used on all media, i.e. PC, smartphone, and app.

    Experiences pro Singles50 

    • Singles50 is a safe, reputable dating site.
    • The website is clearly structured and easy to use, especially for the 50+ generation.
    • Registration, personality test, and establishing contact are self-explanatory and easy to carry out.
    • Singles50 also offers a contact guarantee.
    • You will hardly find any fakes or inactive profiles on Singles50.
    • Singles50 members are looking for a serious partnership.

    Experiences con Singles50

    In fact, we found a few points that could speak against Singles50:

    • Due to the age limit Singles50 does not have such a large member base. 
    • Some members did not like the fact that Singles50.ie does not offer telephone support. 

    What’s Free at Singles50.ie?

    • Create a profile
    • Personality test
    • Search on your own
    • Receive suggestions
    • View photos (limited)
    • Send a “hello”
    • Send mails (limited)
    • Read mails

    Singles50.ie Costs & Prices 2023

    These are the current prices for a Singles50 Premium Membership in Ireland (standard rates):

    DurationCost per monthIn total
    1 month
    29.99€ 29.99
    3 months
    49.99€ 149.97
    3 months
    39.99€ 239.94

    You think Singles50 subscriptions are relatively expensive? That's right, but it's the higher price level that has a positive effect on your chances of success:

    • Singles who are only looking for quick dates and flirts are put off by the high entry price..
    • The level of Singles50.ie members is above average.
    • Singles who are willing to pay the considerable membership fee are 90% serious about finding the great love.
    • Singles50 Price

    Look out for special offers!
    The trial month for only EUR 29.99 is unbeatable!

    Singles50.ie Alternatives

    Singles50 Ireland Test Result

    Singles50 IE passed our test with flying colours. We had a lot of fun testing it and can recommend the platform with a clear conscience. 

    Singles50 Facts and figures 2023
    Active members80,000
    Male to female reatio49 : 51
    Average age57
    Membership levelvery high
    Intentionlife partner search
    Chances for successvery good
    Starting priceEUR 29.99
    Addressbe2 S.à.r.l., 13 rue du Commerce, L1351-Luxemburg

    Our test could confirm: THE dating site for sophisticated Irish singles over 50 is Singles50 Ireland.

    Petra Frömsdorf
    Petra Frömsdorf
    Petra Frömsdorf has been monitoring the world of online dating sites since 2011. In the media she is considered the leading expert on the topic of "Singles50.ie review".