What is 30sDating?

30sDating is the brand-new dating site for singles around 30. With this dating platform, the well-known dating company Be2 specifically addresses singles +/- 30 who are looking for a serious partnership. The target audience of 30sDating is people who attach great importance to good manners and etiquette.

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30sDating is also growing in popularity in Ireland. 

The 30sDating success in numbers

It seems that Irish singles around 30 have been eagerly waiting for a site like 30sDating. The sites be2, Singles50.ie, and 40sDating.ie belong to the same dating family and are reputable and renowned singles sites that have made a name for themselves in Ireland in recent years.

As a result, 30sDating has been very well received by Irish singles 30+ and can already boast the following successes:

  • 41% of 30sDating members find a partner on 30sDating
  • Over 25,000 new registrations every day
  • The 30sDating principle

    The dating site 30sDating is to date the only dating platform that explicitly addresses the 30 plus generation.

    The heart of 30sDating.ie is the scientific matching algorithm. It is based on the latest scientific findings in relationship research and innovative testing methods.

    The result is that members are recommended the most suitable potential partners.

    30sDating Matching in four steps: 

  • You make the scientifically based personality test. Please take about 20 minutes to complete it. The information given in this test cannot be changed later. You should therefore take your time to complete it. You then enter general information about height, hair color, weight, etc. and define your own search parameters. 
  • The actual matching is done by the 30sDating matching algorithm. Based on the data you enter, it calculates which singles could match each other.
  • The best matching partners are now served to you by your system as partner suggestions.
  • Ultimately, it is your decision which contact suggestions you choose.
  • Is 30sDating serious and safe? Fake profils or reale singles?

    It is very important to the operators of the online dating platform 30sDating that their members can move safely and anonymously on the dating website. To be able to achieve this, they have taken security measures. They have enough data available for the personality test, but they offer their members as much anonymity as possible. 

    Fake profiles don't stand a chance either. Because:

  • Unwanted profiles and messages are sorted out and directly deleted by AI (artificial intelligence) and very efficient filters.
  • Only premium members can communicate fully, which keeps many scammers at bay.
  • Suspicious profiles or messages can be reported by 30sDating members to customer service at any time.
  • Finally, a dating site designed for the plus/minus 30 generation!

    How 30sDating.ie works

    The registration with 30sDating

    Registering with 30sDating.ie is really easy. It only takes place after you have completed the test. You simply enter your email address and password. A few seconds later you will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you click on this link, you will be taken directly to the website.

    The 30sDating login for members

    You can log in to the website by clicking on the "Login" button at the top right of the page.

    Five steps to your dream partner at 30sDating:

    • You take a 10-minute personality test.
    • You then complete your profile and add pictures and further information. 
    • 30sDating suggests you a number of suitable partners with the help of artificial intelligence.
    • You can make contact yourself or be contacted.
    • New suggestions are sent to you every day.

    The 30sDating personality test

    Even before you register, the virtual assistant Chloe guides you through a complex catalog of questions.

    The questions are about you and your personality, but also about the character traits of your future partner.

    Your basic wishes for your dream partner such as age, height, stature, education, smoking habits, drinking habits, etc. are asked.

    You yourself provide information about your lifestyle and appearance, your profession, and your approximate annual income.

    After you have answered all the questions about yourself and your ideal partner, you can register.

    The 30sDating Matching - The formula for love

    The 30sDating matching algorithm takes into account all the information you have provided in the test and in your 30sDating profile and compares it with the personality profiles of potential partners.

    The most promising candidates for you are then displayed as contact suggestions. You can check the members' profiles to see how well they match you. Similarities and matches are indicated in points or percentage points.

    30sDating Matching

    Advantages & Disadvantages

    • 1st Irish dating site for people +/- 30
    • considerable success rate
    • audience with level and serious intentions
    • data protection and hand-checked profils
    • anonymous & discrete
    • get to know each other also possible by video date
    • not suitable for singles under 25
    • not good for singles with a limited budget
    • you only see your contact suggestions
    • discreet flirts are hard to find here

    Who is 30sDating suitable for?

    30sDating is an absolutely new dating portal in Ireland, which is specially designed for the target group of singles around 30. Nevertheless, the provider is not the right choice for everyone. We have therefore compiled some helpful information about the members. So, you should be able to determine quite quickly whether you are right in the 30sDating community.

    What are 30sDating singles looking for?

    30sDating.ie is clearly aimed at singles plus minus 30 who are seriously looking for a partner for life. Those who are just looking for a flirt will be put off by the cost and effort of going through the personality test and setting up an appealing profile.

    This means that the singles you meet on 30sDating are looking for real relationships - you don't often meet singles with dubious intentions here:

    Some singles use 30sDating as a flirt marketplace anyway. Our tip to the flirt-crazy: Better be honest and look for flirts on a real flirting site! It wouldn't be right to hurt someone. If two people want the same thing, then of course everything is perfect!

    Good for your purpose? Good for your age group?
    Life partner
    Flirt & Date
    Intimate encounters
    18-25 years
    25-50 years
    Over 50 years

    Age structure of the members

    As with all Irish singles sites, 30sDating.ie has a surplus of women.

    The average age of 30sDating is 35 for women and 38 for men. All singles over the age of 25 are welcome at 30sDating.

    About 80% of 30sDating's customers are between 28 and 45 years old.

    Educational level of the members

    Compared to most other online dating sites, the average education level of 30sDating members is significantly higher. More than half (51 %) have a university degree.

    30sDating Experiences & Rating

    Sufficient members?
    Profile quality:
    Arrange real dates:
    Customer support:

    30sDating in Practice

    If you have already registered with 30sDating.ie, you will see the following on your screen.

    inside 30sDating review30sDating

    Your 30sDating profile

    Your profile says a lot about who you are, but also about the person you would like to meet.

    The following information can be found in your profile: 

    • Your personality profile (results from the questions you answered in the personality test)
    • About me: date of birth, education, profession, annual income, religion, children, appearance, etc.
    • Your views on the topics: Food, travel, sports, leisure activities, music, film and TV genres, reading
    • Your views and values: Your lifestyle, what is important to you in life, your goals
    • Your personnal message, which you can write yourself
    • The free text field "You should contact me if..."
    • Your photos

    If you really want to fill out the profile completely, you have to invest some time. Don't forget that with every answer you get one step closer to your perfect partner. 

    Private remains private:

  • If you really want to fill out the profile completely, you have to invest some time. Don't forget that with every answer you get one step closer to your perfect partner).
  • Your last name and contact details are not visible.
  • Sensitive data that you have provided in the personality test will be considered in the matching process, but otherwise remain strictly private.
  • Put at least one photo online at 30sDating!
    The other singles can only see the picture if they are also Premium Members and you put a tick under your profile photo (All women/men can see my profile photo). Only 3% of 30sDating members respond to profiles without a picture. With a photo, your chances of receiving responses increase enormously; according to the operator, you will receive up to ten times more personal messages.

    It takes about 20 minutes to create your profile. However, we are of the opinion that it is worth the effort if you then also find a suitable partner.

    How to get in touch

    You have received a promising partner suggestion and would like to contact this person. Some singles find it easy to formulate a message. But many find it difficult to start the first contact with a message they have written themselves.

    "Getting to know someone is easy" promises 30sDating and provides members with the following tools:

  • Send a compliment
  • Send a smile
  • I like your profile
  • Answer an icebreaker question
  • These features are so simple that anyone can use them, but they are still effective. They often initiate a nice conversation and may even turn into something more.

    Once contact has been established, things look completely different and free messages also write themselves.

    30sDating Contact

    We have made the experience that it quickly comes to a phone call or video date if both sides like each other. 

    A personal date actually only takes place if both really like each other.

    Not only premium members can contact other members. Basic members can "like" other profiles, send them a hello or answer an ice-breaker question. Unfortunately, the possibilities for basic members do not go any further.

    30sDating video call

    The dating platform 30sDating also has a video call function. You can get to know your matches quickly and easily via video telephony and save a lot of planning and travel time. Even before a first meeting, you can find out if there is a spark and if you find each other visually attractive. Gestures and facial expressions play a big role in love.

    The advantage of a video call: no one has to give out their phone number or even their full name. You simply switch on your camera and microphone and start a virtual date with whomever you want and for as long as you want. 

    The 30sDating App for mobile flirting on the go

    The online dating website 30sDating has been designed in Responsive Design. It works great on desktop, tablet and smartphone. It is attractively designed and easy to use. So you can use all the functions on the go.

    A 30sDating app is not yet on the market.

    Additional functions at 30sDating.ie

    We liked this feature: 

    • Is it love at firts like? Every day, three profiles are sent to you like on Tinder. You either like them or you don't.
    30sDating Love at first Like

    30sDating Experiences

    30sDating is a brand new dating site, so we don't have as many reviews as we do with the established providers. Nevertheless, we can say that 30sDating has made a great start on the market. The users are enthusiastic about the 1st dating site for singles around 30. Finally, there is a dating site that is aimed at singles +/- 30 who are looking for a long-lasting relationship. As is well known, there are already enough flirt exchanges or dating apps for this age group.

    Like its sister sites, 30sDating works with the latest technology and can be used on the PC and smartphones.

    Experiences Pro 30sDating 

    • 30sDating is an absolutely reputable dating site.
    • The website is attractively designed and works perfectly.
    • 30sDating also offers a contact guarantee similar to the competition.
    • Fakes or inactive profiles can hardly be found on the 30sDating site.
    • 30sDating members are looking for a long-term relationship.

    Experiences Con 30sDating

    In fact, we have found a few points that could speak against 30sDating:

    • 30sDating has not been on the market that long. 
    • Some members are bothered by the fact that 30sDating customer service can only be reached by E-mail. 

    What’s Free at 30sDating?

    • Create a profile
    • Personality test
    • Search on your own (limited)
    • Receive suggestions
    • View photos (limited)
    • Send a “hello”
    • Send mails
    • Read mails (limited)

    30sDating Costs & Prices 2024

    These are the current prices for 30sDating premium memberships in Ireland (standard rates):

    DurationCost per monthIn total
    1 month49.99€ 49.99
    3 months49.99€ 149.97
    6 months39.99€ 239.94

    You think 30sDating subscriptions are expensive? True, but it is precisely the higher price level that has a positive effect on your chances of success:

    • Singles who are only looking for quick dates and flirts are deterred by the high price.
    • The level of 30sDating members is extremely high.
    • Singles who are willing to pay a high membership fee are 90% seriously looking for the big love.
    • That is why 30sDating convinces with a high placement rate.
    • 30sDating Price

    Directly upon registration, we were offered a 40% discount for a 1-month subscription. We think this is a great offer!

    30sDating Alternatives

    30sDating Test Result

    From our point of view, 30sDating is an excellent alternative to Maxxdate and Co. for Irish singles around 30. We always enjoy testing a great dating site, and that was the case here!

    30sDating Facts and figures 2024
    Active members250,000
    Male to female ratio47 : 53
    Average age36
    Membership levelhigh
    Intentionlife partner search
    Chances for successgood
    Starting priceEUR 39.99
    Addressbe2 S.à.r.l., 13 rue du Commerce, L1351-Luxemburg

    If you are around 30 and looking for the big love, you almost can't get past 30sDating Ireland.

    FAQ 30sDating Ireland

    Do you still have an unanswered question about 30sDating?

    Here are our questions and answers about 30sDating Ireland:

    What payment options are available at 30sDating?

    30sDating accepts all common payment methods such as direct debit, credit card, and PayPal.

    Can I cancel 30sDating at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel 30sDating at any time, but from 14 days after completing your membership, taking into account the cancellation period.

    How can I cancel 30sDating?

    30sDating can be cancelled at any time. To request cancellation, fill out the form on the 30sDating website.

    Can you revoke 30sDating?

    Yes, this is possible without further ado. You can revoke your contract up to 14 days after signing without giving any reason. All you need to do is send a short text message by letter or e-mail.

    How can I switch off email notifications from 30sDating?

    If you do not wish to receive email notifications about new matches, you can deactivate the email notifications in your profile settings. Don't forget to save the changes so that your preferences are updated.

    How can I delete my profile on 30sDating?

    You can easily delete your profile in the "Profile settings".

    How can I report a profile on 30sDating?

    You can actively help to protect yourself and other members by reporting suspicious users. To do this, go to their profile and click on "Report member". The 30sDating service team will check the behaviour of the user in question and, if necessary, block them or continue to monitor them. You can also send an e-mail to the 30sDating customer service team.

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